Happy Hour, MSP

Happy Happy!

I have come to finally appreciate the happy hour.  Before, I thought anything after 8:00 or hopefully later was the best time for dinner.  Recently, especially with my friend Kayla, I have discovered how fun it is to get together with a dear friend right after work, to unwind, to share our thoughts on the day, and to simply enjoy each others company.

So which are my favorites so far and which to seek out?  See below.

Current Favorites:

I.  Republic, Uptown-happy hour 4pm – 6pm & 10pm – midnight daily

II.  Muddy Waters, anytime really is happy

III.  Moto-i, Happy Hours, Mon-Sun: 2:20pm-6pm, Sun-Thur: 10pm-2am

*Sunday brunch at Moto-i has the best sake mimosas at a steal of a price.

Prospective Haunts:

I.  Bryant-Lake Bowl, M-F: 3-6p.m. & M-TH: 10p.m.-2a.m.  $3 domestic taps, $4 select taps, $4 house wines, $4 rail cocktails, appetizer specials, and $2 late night bowling (M-Th 10pm-2am).

II.  Origami Uptown, All week 4:30-6:00, M-T & Sunday 9:30-close.

III.  Barbette,

Mon-Fri 3-6pm
Sun-Thu 10pm-1am

$3 PBR
$4 House wine and bubbly
$4 Domestic Taps
$4 Select Cocktails
$5 Select appetizers

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