Peelers and Pears

Wine Poached Bosc Pears

A couple of weeks ago, as I was planning what to make for Shabbat, I decided to add one more dessert, in addition to the lemon torte.  As I was flipping through a cookbook at work, poached pears popped up.  The weather still hadn’t fully embraced our theoretical season, so the richness and spice was appropriate for our chilly spring evening.

The preparation for this dish was a breeze-thanks to Rory being willing to peel all the pears while I made the torte up in a flash!  I picked up the Rosle tomato/kiwi peeler for the delicate skins and it worked like a charm.  Overall, expect 10-15 minutes prep time for this recipe and an additional 20 for cooking.

Wine Poached Pears:


-5 peeled Bosc pears

-1 1/2 cups of red wine (Zinfandel, Syrah, or Merlot)

-3/4 cups of granulated sugar

-2-3 tbsp. of fresh-squeezed lemon juice

-2 tsp. vanilla

-3 tbsp. ground cinnamon

-Crème fraiche


I. Peel the pears carefully and completely from the base to the stem, leaving the stem intact.  Cut a small portion of the bottom off so the pears sit flat.

II.  Combine all the ingredients, excluding the pears, in a large pot and bring to a boil.

III.  Once boiling, turn the heat down to a simmer and gently add the pears to the liquid.  Simmer the pears for 10 minutes, turn the pears over, and simmer for an additional 10 minutes-they should be tender when poked with a fork.

IV.  Remove pears once finished and bring the liquid to a boil and reduce by half.  Pour reduction over pears in serving bowl.

V.  Serve with crème fraiche drizzled over the pear once plated and ready.

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